The following services can help create an effective communication plan and on-line presence for your business. Whether you are interested in one, a combination or a full writing package, I can help you determine which methods would be most successful in reaching your audience.

Website Analysis

Before deciding on the best format to deliver your message, you need to identify your ideal customers or readers, define what makes you different and review whether your on-line content delivers. This analysis can provide a recommended customer relationship strategy.

Case Studies

Best used to profile a satisfied customer’s success story using your product or service. It’s a great way to illustrate a common problem and your solution. These are increasing in popularity as they provide an inside view of your company from a real customer’s perspective.


A longer and more in-depth communication on a topic that can help your customers better understand an issue or problem and the available solutions. These reports can help you generate or nurture leads, as well as build credibility for your business.

Email and Enewsletters

Periodically sending out informative emails or enewsletters is an effective and economical way to reach potential customers and stay in touch with existing ones. People will open emails that provide a value to them and this low cost marketing effort can help build beneficial relationships.


An excellent way to focus on new developments or one aspect of your business and can easily be used for either print or on-line.  Articles can help tell your story and provide more in-depth information in an engaging way.


Another way to build your customer base is through publishing a blog and engaging an audience to follow. But for it to be effective, it has to offer real benefit and be updated on a regular basis.

Web Content

Your site and displayed content can attract potential customers from all over the world. This is your chance to not only educate visitors about your product or services, but also on the value and benefits of doing business with you. Great content ranks well with search engines, which in turn helps future clients find you.

 Facebook and Social Media

Increasingly being used by companies because of its far reach and ease in sharing. Now that the word is out that older adults are also active on social media, it’s another cost-effective way to stay connected and increase your on-line presence.

Product or Service Description

Either on-line or in print, your products and services need a clear description, i.e. how to use, how it works, comparisons and why yours is more effective.  A product or service can also be highlighted in a case study by illustrating how it solved your customer’s problem.